woensdag 10 maart 2010

eight project session 9/03/2010 (last for this trim.)

This project session we booked no advance at all in the last week we tried allot of things such as installing different drivers and software.
We also tried it with VM ware witch also did refuse to do the job. Whereas another group that has a similar project with the Msp 430 could get it working with VM ware.
So we are a bit desperate now. Tom and I both have Vista (which refuses to work with the msp 430) , our parents both got laptops with Windows xp but they are not always accessible for us, so this is now option.

Maybe we are able to come up with something after the exams.

donderdag 4 maart 2010

seventh project session 2/03/2010

During the seventh project session we are finally getting to write our own software for the msp430.
Unfortunately it appears to be that the kickstart software isn't fully supporting windows vista.
So we can read and edit .C files but we can not upload it to the msp430 itself.
So we have to use another laptop in order to get it working. Until now we did not solve this problem we have to use some older windows XP computer or we have to do a dual-boot my laptop witch I would not like to do.

I hope we can address this issue till the next project session.