woensdag 28 april 2010

project session 26/04/2010

Today I only worked on the hardware and I was searching for the hex dump of the ELM327.
I found out that the signal was a 5V signal, although I could only get the rising edge of the signal on the oscilloscope. The search for the hex file was unsuccessful but since the device that we use is a cheap china clone we may be able to read out the pic that is used instead of the ELM327 in order to make a circuit board dedicated for our project.
Tom did the software this time, he made some major advance for the software.
So we are on a good way to getting the job done.

Get together 24/04/2010

Today we booked some advance for our software (since we got the software working last time).
We finally could kind of prototype some self written software for the msp 430.
We also discovered that there maybe is a problem for the transmission from the elm327 to the msp430 since the signal voltage for the msp430 may only be 3,3V and the ELM327 probably sends 5V signals.

Get together 20/04/2010

Today we tried out some hardware. The only solution for our project is to use my own OBD2 analyser that is based on the ELM327 chip.
We made a video of our final test on TOM's VW polo.

Finaly we know where we are going.

dinsdag 27 april 2010

project session 19/04/2010

This project session we finally booked some advance now we kind of know what way we are going.
We got it to work on a school computer tomorrow (20/04 we are going to get together to do some experiments with some hardware.