woensdag 19 mei 2010

project session 17/05/2010

This time I designed the circuit board. Later on I will post pictures and the schematic.
Tom tested the hyper-terminal because it did not work last time with 2 example programs that where included in the EZ430-RF2500 experimental kit.
The first one was an UART echo with a baud-rate of 115200 and the second was an RX/TX UART with a baud-rate of 9600. This also failed with hyper terminal. After that he combined the 2 programs but it did not work. We asked the teacher for help he also did not see what was wrong, he said he would send us an example program. We are still waiting for that. So the biggest problem is that we can not test or simulate any program.

project session 10/05/2010

During this session I designed the schematic that enables the communication between the ELM chip and the MSP430, because the ELM-signal is on 5V and the MSP430's signal is on 3V.
We used optocouplers to change the signal to the right level.

This time Tom tried to test the software with hyper-terminal witch failed. He also tried to make changes to the software but it failed to.

project session 3/05/2010

Today we worked on the hardware, I soldered very thin wires to the PCB of the ELM board in order to get the RS232 coded signal before it gets to the RS232-to-USB-converter.
This wasn't easy it took me whole the session to complete that.
This time Tom added the UART communication part to the program.